Sustainability issues

Sea Pact
Sea Pact is an alliance formed between nine of the leading, like-minded Seafood Distributors in North America of which Albion is proud to be a founding member of. This unprecedented alliance is a first of its kind in the seafood industry. Sea Pact has a goal of making their seafood industry a more sustainable & eco-friendly one.

The Freshwater Institute
The Freshwater Institute is an internationally recognised program of The Conservation Fund. For more than two decades, they are one of the nation's premier research and development facilities dedicated to sustainable water use and reuse. and a leader in the field of Closed Contained Aquaculture Systems.

Ocean Wise [Vancouver Aquarium]
Ocean Wise is a Vancouver Aquarium conservation program created to help restaurants and their customers make environmentally friendly seafood choices.

Marine Stewardship Council
The Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) is an independent non-profit organisation that promotes responsible fishing practices.

A comprehensive national seafood program SeaChoice is a comprehensive seafood markets program with the primary goal of realizing sustainable fisheries in Canada and abroad.

Friend of the Sea
Certification and Promotion of Seafood from Sustainable Fisheries and Aquaculture - BC Wild Salmon fishery is certified

Seafood Choices Alliance
Seafood Choices Alliance is an international association for the issue of ocean-friendly seafood.


Canadian Highly Migratory Species Foundation
A non profit organization focused on the protection and promotion of Canadian Albacore Tuna

Pacific Prawn Fishermen's Association
Association devoted to promoting Sustainable Wild BC Spot Prawns

Trade organizations

B.C. Chef’s Association
The British Columbia Chef's Association is dedicated to the education of both junior members and the upgrading skills of regular members.

The British Columbia Restaurant and Foodservices Association
The Association is a representative body of restaurateurs, foodservice retailers, suppliers and educators.

Canadian Association of Foodservice Professionals
The Canadian Association of Foodservice Professionals is a fun and dynamic association that provides opportunities for foodservice professionals to meet and mingle, educate and share, mentor and grow.

Western Canada Seafood Merchants & Processors Association
WCSMPA is a non profit organization, established in 2002. Our mandate:

  • To represent all members' interest in dealing with all future management plans imposed by the Department of Fisheries & Oceans;
  • To promote health and Safety awareness to all members of Association;
  • To provide efficient communication channel between all members with all the related Governmental Agencies.

National Seafood Sector Council
The NSSC is a non-profit, industry-driven organization. Created in 1995, the NSSC works on behalf of the entire seafood processing industry to provide human resource strategies and programs.

BC Salmon Marketing Council
The British Columbia Salmon Marketing Council is an association formed in 1991 to represent the harvesters and processors of commercially caught BC wild salmon.  Albion Fisheries Ltd. is represented on this council – Salmon pictures in Product list supplied by BC Salmon Marketing Council.  

Product resources

A video showing how to Pin Bone Salmon produced for one of our Chain accounts


Go Seafood
The Go Seafood brand brings you the freshest tasting seafood, while adhering to the highest quality standards set by different regulatory councils for the safe and humane preparation of seafood.

KUTERRA Land Raised Salmon
The KUTERRA mission is to bring the most environmentally sound, safe and healthy farmed salmon to people who care about the food they eat and serve to their families.

PearlMark Foods
Albion is proud to recognise PearlMark Foods and their Platinum Supplier sponsorship

Habitat for Humanity
Albion's Charity of Choice - Founded in 1985, Habitat for Humanity Canada is a National, Non-profit organization working for a world where all people have a safe and decent place to live.

Vancouver Habitat
Habitat for Humanity's greater Vancouver affiliate.

Intercity Packers
Intercity Packers is also a member of the Gordon Food Service Family and works closely with Albion Fisheries Ltd. with their seafood offerings.

Gordon Food Service Canada
Albion Fisheries Ltd. is part of the Gordon Food Service Canada family.