Albion Fisheries Credit Request Policy

Albion Fisheries is committed to providing quality seafood products. In the unlikely event you do experience problems with seafood products from us; we respectfully request that our credit policy is followed.

1. Live lobster or live crab must be checked upon delivery by customers and our drivers. Credit requests will be written up by our drivers on same day deliveries or must be called into a sales representative by the end of that business day for a next day pick up.

2. Customers are buying at own risk on live lobster or live crab with no guarantees on credit requests being issued on any over night carriers.

3. All complaints on fresh product must be within 24 hours of receipt (excluding live).

4. Fresh cooked, ready to eat products and all fresh exotic species can not be returned for credit unless it is a quality issue. Credit requests are to be written up by our drivers on same day deliveries or called into a sales representative for next day pickup.

5. All complaints on frozen product must be within 14 days of receipt and are to be held at -18 degrees Celsius by the customer until pick up of product.

6. All products returned for reasons other than a quality issue must be returned in the same condition and in its original packaging unopened or no credit will be issued. If for any reason a product is returned and Albion feels that the integrity of the product has been compromised then no credit will be issued.

7. All product returns must be accompanied with Albion’s credit request form. Any product returned without a credit request written by our drivers or a sales representative will be declined for credit.

8. For our out of town customers, all time lines for calling in with fresh (excluding live) and frozen product complaints are still in place. In case of damaged goods or missing product you must contact Albion immediately. Due to the shelf life of some products and shipping costs it may not be viable to return products to Albion. Please discuss your complaint with your sales representative and a decision will be made whether to return the product or dump it. Under no circumstances will credit be granted for product disposed of without prior agreement by your sales representative and a product disposal form filled out, signed and faxed back.

We appreciate you working with us and your understanding with this policy.

Updated April 2008

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