Albion started a relationship with SeaChoice in 2007 and entered into a formal partnership in 2009. We value the experience and expertise that SeaChoice and its member organizations bring to protecting the environment and promoting the consumption of sustainable seafood. As recognized leaders in their fields, we wanted to align ourselves with an organization that could help us to manage our own commitment to preserving our marine ecosystems and emerge as a proactive leader focused on marketing sustainable seafood products.

About SeaChoice

SeaChoice, a national sustainable seafood program, is about solutions for healthy oceans. Formed in 2006, SeaChoice was created to help Canadian businesses and shoppers take an active role in supporting sustainable fisheries and aquaculture at all levels of the seafood supply chain.

Working in collaboration with the Monterey Bay Aquarium's acclaimed Seafood Watch program, SeaChoice undertakes science-based seafood assessments, provides informative resources for consumers, and supports businesses through collaborative partnerships.

SeaChoice supports retailer and seafood supplier partners through the steps of crafting a comprehensive Sustainable Seafood Policy that is consistent with the 'Common Vision for Environmentally Sustainable Seafood' as defined by the Conservation Alliance for Seafood Solutions. The Conservation Alliance consists of sixteen leading North American conservation organisations, including SeaChoice groups, that partnered in 2008 to work collaboratively on sustainable seafood issues and provide guidance on a 'Common Vision' for major buyers and retailers' sustainable seafood policies.

SeaChoice's sustainable seafood policy work with businesses includes helping to make the shift to ocean-friendly practices, such as substituting 'Best Choice' sustainable seafood for red-listed items as well as improving labelling and transparency. In turn, retailers educate their staff, suppliers and customers as well as engaging in policy reform work.

Some of the milestones reached so far include partnerships with the Overwaitea Food Group, Bento Nouveau, Federated Co-operatives Ltd and, most recently, Canada Safeway.

The SeaChoice program is operated by the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society, David Suzuki Foundation, Ecology Action Centre, Living Oceans Society and Sierra Club BC.

Learn more by visiting the SeaChoice website