Climate Smart

Climate Smart provides training and tools for businesses to measure and profitably reduce their carbon emission. With over 450 organizations trained and 360,000 tones CO2e measured (equivalent to nearly 70,000 cars!), Climate Smart helps organizations reduce their emissions, strengthen their businesses, and take action on something they care about.

The Climate Smart program enables business of all sizes to quantify and reduce their carbon footprint and related energy, fuel, and material costs. The program emphasizes education and long-term commitment to continuous improvement. Through workgroup-based training and industry-leading software, the programs teaches business how to identify practical changes to business practices that result in real cost and carbon savings.

Businesses who complete the program can display the Climate Smart seal, demonstrating they are taking steps to reduce their environmental impact and helping to forge a new greener way of doing business.

Climate Smart is proud to work with Albion Fisheries, who measured their baseline carbon inventory for the 2010 calendar year. Albion is now working to reduce these emissions by using cold water to wash equipment, programming their HVAC units to optimize energy efficiency, aligning delivery orders to reduce their frequency, routing trucks for optimum fuel efficiency, subsidizing bus passes with Translink, reducing business air travel, reducing their internal paper use and working with suppliers to minimize incoming packaging at all their locations.

In their Haida Gwaii location, Albion is revising refrigeration and ice making operational procedures to reduce energy use, using on demand hot water heating and offering offal to local crab boats and to local farmers as fertilizer. This is projected to divert over 3,000 kg of waste send to the landfill and reduce emissions by over 4 tones of CO2e.


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