Albion and Sustainability

Sustainability is an issue that is of increasing concern to our customers and to the public in general. Albion has led the industry for the past several years on this subject -- always putting the issues before sales dollars.  In fact, Albion voluntarily discontinued selling Chilean sea bass in 2005 due to the overwhelming evidence of overfishing. Sustainability and related issues concerning seafood are regarded as a key focus for Albion fisheries now and in the future. To that end, Albion fisheries currently works very closely with the local Ocean Wise program, the nationwide Seachoice organization, and the global organization MSC.(Marine Stewardship Council).
In sourcing from reputable, traceable fisheries we can tell our customers the exact area and method that all products are harvested under and if there are any concerns with that fishery.  Our CTS division imports specific products globally because they adhere to the sustainability principles which are:

  1. abundant and resilient fish population,
  2. well-managed fishery,
  3. fishing methods that minimize by-catch, and have minimal effect on habitat and the ocean floor.

We continue to source and introduce new products that meet these exacting criteria and although not fully 100% of our seafood offerings are certified Ocean Wise, we are certainly committed to growing the list of those products that are.

Sometimes what our seafood is packed in is just as important as the product itself.  At Albion Fisheries Ltd. we are just as determined to reduce, the amount of waste we generate as we are in the sustainable products we source.  Ask us about our blue bin distribution program if you care about creating a Sustainable environment.

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