Manila Clam

Venerupis philippinarum

  • Product of B.C. fully purged, making them a clean, grit-free premium product
  • All manila clam pack, i.e. contains no little neck clams
  • Harvest date and harvest area are listed on accompanying shellfish tag
  • Shipped live, in vexar net 5 lb bags

Handling & Storage

  • Shipped live. Clams will die if left to sit in melted ice water
  • Store in non-airtight container in cooler, cover with a damp cloth
  • Discard any broken shells and open clams that do not close when lightly tapped
  • Minimum shelf life is 3 days from delivery
  • Keep the accompanying shellfish tags on file for 30 days

Seasonal Availability

Flavour/Texture Profile

Cooking Tips

  • Clams are best simply steamed for 3-4 minutes or until open
  • Can be added to almost any dish, or served simply with bread in their own nectar

Recipe Santa Fe Clam Chowder