Baja Scallops

Lyropecten subnodosus


  • Frozen
  • Diver caught in Mexico
  • An Oceanwise choice
  • Available in U – 6 and U – 8 count/lb.
  • Chemical free
  • Very little shrink (Will not Bleed in the pan) when cooked

Handling & Storage

  • Keep frozen until ready to cook
  • Thaw in refrigerator overnight and cook from thawed state.

Seasonal Availability

Available Frozen all year round.

Flavour/Texture Profile

Texture: Firm/Delicate
Flavour: Sweet and Mild

Cooking Tips

  • Best seared on high heat to caramelize exterior.
  • Can be grilled, pan fried, poached, broiled
  • If small white abductor strip is present on side of scallop – remove prior to cooking as it becomes rubbery when cooked.