Atlantic Mussel

Mytilus edulis


  • Approximate count is 21/28 per pound
  • Live Blue Mussels are packed in 5 lb vexar bags
  • Harvest date and harvest area are listed on accompanying shellfish tag
  • Keep the accompanying Shellfish tags on file for 90 days

Handling & Storage

  • Keep mussels chilled, between 1° to 4°C
  • Store in non-airtight container in cooler, cover with a damp cloth
  • Discard any broken shells, and open mussels that do not close when lightly tapped
  • Minimum shelf life is 3 days from date of delivery
  • Scrub shells, and pull any remaining “beard” or byssus thread

Seasonal Availability

Available September to June

Flavour/Texture Profile

Cooking Tips

  • Live product has superior texture to frozen
  • For best texture and clean, ocean crisp flavor, steam until just open
  • Overcooking, can sometimes toughen, and shrink the meat--don’t overcook!
  • Suggested appetizer portion is ½ pound, entrée portion is 1 pound

Recipe Grilled Mussel and Potato Salad