Wild White Spring

Oncorhynchus tshawytscha


  • Lack of Carotenoids produces Albino like White flesh color – a delicacy
  • Primarily caught off the Pristine waters of Queen Charlotte Islands
  • Available Fresh Head-on and Head off or Frozen (FAS) H & G
  • Size graded 7 - 11 lb. 11 – 18 lb., 18 + lb. each
  • Also referred to as Ivory Salmon
  • Troll caught product
  • An Oceanwise choice
  • Highest Omega 3 Content of all Wild Salmon
  • Excellent for Portioning, Filleting or Smoking

Handling & Storage

  • Look for H & G Fish that Brite skin across entire body.
  • Quality fish flesh will spring back after touching.
  • Iced properly around fish and in belly cavity will extend shelf life of fish
  • Avoid leaving product sitting in ice melt. Re-ice daily.
  • Minimum shelf life is 5 days from delivery.

Seasonal AvailabilityAvailable Fresh mainly in June, July, Aug with localized openings year round

Flavor/Texture Profile TEXTURE: Large moist flakes produce a beautiful, delicate texture.

FLAVOUR: Excellent eating - tends to have less of a ”salmon fish” flavor than Red Springs - mild taste but still rich due to high oil content.

Cooking Tips

  • Suitable for all cooking methods