Wild Sockeye H & G

Oncorhynchus nerka


  • Available Fresh or Frozen
  • Reddest meat of all Salmon species
  • Size graded 4 - 6 lb., 6 – 9 lb. each
  • Approx. 7-11 pc per case.
  • Depending on catch area, there can be major quality differences between catch areas.  Sockeye caught in S.E Alaska and B.C. will have a higher fat content than Bristol Bay Sockeye
  • An Oceanwise choice
  • Excellent for Steaking, Filleting, Canning or Smoking

Handling & Storage

  • Look for H & G Fish that has Brite, Blue skin tone on back.
  • Quality fish flesh will spring back after touching.
  • Iced properly around fish and in belly cavity will extend shelf life of fish
  • Avoid leaving product sitting in ice melt. Re-ice daily.
  • Minimum shelf life is 5 days from delivery.

Seasonal Availability Available Year Round - Frozen

Flavor/Texture Profile TEXTURE: raw meat is medium-firm, and the cooked meat stays red, and firm.

FLAVOUR: BC Sockeye carries a large amount of fat, giving the meat a nice, rich flavor.

Cooking Tips

  • Simple grilling hi-lights the wonderful flavor of Sockeye.
  • May also be baked, broiled, smoked, steamed, or poached.
  • Good substitutes would be Chinook (spring) salmon, or Coho salmon.