Hand Peeled Shrimp

Pandalus borealis/jordani


  • Available fresh daily from our Vancouver operation
  • Bright red color
  • Cold water species of shrimp from Pacific Northwest
  • Cooked and peeled size ranges 250 – 400 pc/lb.
  • Packed fresh in 5 lb. bags
  • Wild caught product

Handling & Storage

  • Keep fresh product buried in ice.
  • Minimum fresh shelf life is 3 days from delivery.

Seasonal Availability

Available Year Round. Fresh (depending on fishing effort)

Flavour/Texture Profile

Texture: Firm
Flavour: Clean, very sweet flavour - More intense than prawns.

Cooking Tips

  • Best added to hot dishes just prior to serving
  • Great in Salads
  • Works well in Omelettes, Pasta, Shrimp Cocktail, Pizza, Quiche and casseroles

RecipeShrimp and mango salad with glass noodles