Sablefish (Black Cod) Fillets

Anoplopoma fimbria


  • Also known as Sablefish
  • Refreshed (thawed) from Frozen At Sea, pot caught fish
  • Fillets are fully trimmed, skin-on, pin bone in
  • 1 to 2 # each

Handling & Storage

  • Keep product in cooler, between 1º to 4°C
  • Minimum shelf life is 3 days after delivery

Seasonal Availability

Refreshed Year Round

Flavour/Texture Profile

Cooking Tips

  • A great substitute for Chilean Sea Bass
  • Black Cod’s high oil content, makes it great for all cooking methods except deep-frying

Recipe Sauteed Black Cod with Shallot-Lemon Vinaigrette and Fresh Herb Salad