Pacific Cod Fillets

Gadus macrocephalus


  • Available Fresh, Refreshed or Frozen
  • Often referred to as “True Cod”
  • Refreshed Fillets processed from Long-line caught cod from Alaska
  • Translucent white meat which becomes opaque when cooked
  • Frozen product graded 4 – 8 oz., 8 – 16 oz., 16 – 32 oz. 32 oz. + each and Boneless – usually from Alaska
  • Fresh product usually skinless and can be PBI or PBO
  • Moist flaky fillets - Famous as fish and chips

Handling & Storage

  • Keep fresh product well iced and store in cooler between 1º to 4º C, allow water to drain
  • Do not allow fresh fish to have direct contact with ice or drip water.
  • Minimum fresh shelf life is 3 days from delivery.

Seasonal Availability

Available Fresh, Refreshed and Frozen All Year Round

Flavour/Texture Profile

Texture: Large moist flakes with moderate texture
Flavour: Mild flavour

Cooking Tips

  • Excellent for Fish and Chips – breaded and battered
  • Can be substituted in any white fish recipe

Recipe Green Curry with Cod & Green Beans