Halibut Portions

Hippoglossus stenolepis


  • Available Fresh or Frozen in any size increment
  • Long-line caught from Northern B.C. to Alaska
  • An Oceanwise choice
  • Lean large flaked meat is boneless and very mild in flavor
  • Flesh color ranges from white to a light golden hue and is indicative of diet
  • Famous as fish and chips, as well as centre of the plate

Handling & Storage

  • Keep fresh product well iced and store in cooler between1º to 4º C, allow water to drain
  • Do not allow fresh fish to have direct contact with ice or drip water.
  • Minimum fresh shelf life is 3 days from delivery.

Seasonal Availability

Yearly Quota is shared between Canada, USA and Russia

Flavour/Texture Profile

Cooking Tips

  • Halibut suits all cooking methods
  • Do not overcook – will become dry

Recipe Halibut in chard leaves with lemon-thyme butter