Dungeness Crab Whole

Cancer magister


  • Live, males only, fished coast wide
  • All are under 2 lbs, most average about 1.5 lb each
  • For larger over 2 lb crabs, use item # 1023917

Handling & Storage

  • Live product
  • Must be inspected and received upon arrival, otherwise no mortality claims will be considered
  • Keep in live tank if possible, otherwise keep live in cooler (at your risk!) in original container
  • Crab can be cooked and chilled, if it is to be consumed within 3 days after cooking

Seasonal Availability

Late June/early July offers best prices and availability

Flavour/Texture Profile

Cooking Tips

  • For crabs up to 2.5 lbs plunge crab into boiling water for 18-22 minutes, then chill rapidly or serve hot
  • When storing whole cooked crabs, place on back to retain juices
  • Longer shelf life is achieved if cooked crabs are eviscerated before refrigerating

Recipe Oven-roasted dungeness crab