Atlantic Lobster Live

Homarus americanus


  • Live, hardshell lobster both male and females
  • From various fishing areas in Atlantic Canada.
  • Size variance for 1.0 lb lobsters is between .90 to 1.15 lb
  • Size variance for 1.25 lb lobsters is between 1.16 to 1.40 lbs

Handling & Storage

  • Product is live and must be inspected and received upon arrival, for any mortality claims to be considered
  • Keep in live tank if possible, otherwise keep live in cooler (at your risk!) in original container
  • Product can be blanched and chilled if the lobster is to be fully cooked and consumed within 3 days

Seasonal Availability

June is peak season

Flavour/Texture Profile

Cooking Tips

  • Cook 10 to 14 minutes at full boil, for lobsters up to 1.4 lb
  • If freezing, cook first, otherwise meat will be hard to extract

Recipe Classic Lobster