Quality Management System

At Albion Fisheries Ltd. we take food safety seriously because we care about the products we provide to you and that you sell to your customers. Albion Fisheries Ltd. is a federally registered fish processing establishment. Our HACCP, Food Safety and Quality System have been certified by various domestic and internationally recognized regulatory and accredited auditing agencies through annual audits:

Even at the start of the sourcing process, we work directly with fisherman, fishing boats and firms to improve pre/post-harvesting techniques insuring the finest quality fish and shellfish available.

In our facilities, we utilize an ozonated water cleaning system in every stage of processing; ensuring product cleanliness, bacterial elimination and a chemical free environment and our plant personnel undergo continuous training to meet and exceed strict industry standards.

Albion’s Quality Assurance and Receiving Teams focus on organoleptic assessment of all incoming products using Quality Index method (QIM) and CODEX fish and fishery products. We also focus on chain of custody (COC), CFIA-Fish Inspection Regulations (FIR), Food and Drug Act and Regulations (FDA&R) and Consumer Packaging and Labeling Act and Regulations (CP&L). Only those products that are able to pass through these strict criteria are considered for Albion’s product line.

Have questions regarding Albion’s product quality or safety standards? Feel free to contact our Quality Assurance Department albionquality@albion.ca direct at anytime.