Our Brands

‘Good enough’ just isn’t good enough for our customers! That’s why we’ll never be content to offer you just the same old – same old products as others do.  Our team travels the world to bring the best to your table or display case. Our Bayside® and Calypso® branded products have been carefully chosen to provide seafood selections that offer you consistent high quality,  great value and importantly,  outstanding food safety. Significantly, our brands further distinguish themselves and deliver more of what you want by focusing on natural and chemical-free products. From the fishing grounds to the final end products -  by controlling what goes in to our brands you’re ensured  that what you’re serving or selling is wholesome and healthy. You can depend on Albion.

In addition to our own Bayside® and Calypso® lines we can work with you to create your own, exclusive, custom branded products to meet your retail needs. Whether it’s in our own brand or your custom brand, look to Albion Fisheries Ltd. to help create value in your seafood line.